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Project Back 2 School is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. We collect new school supplies and monetary donations to benefit our local community's homeless, underprivileged, and disadvantaged children and youth. We work directly with homeless children, youth and services, disadvantaged children, families, and local school counselors in the Central Bucks and Pennridge School Districts. We want every student to be fully prepared to return to school with confidence, regardless of their current situation or circumstance.


School can be challenging for any child. The pressure of homework, getting to school on time, commuting to school every day, and the stigma of being homeless, living in a homeless or domestic violence shelter, or even experiencing temporary hardship – can be troublesome. 

Studies show that prepared children perform better and have higher confidence levels in school. PB2S seeks to provide that same opportunity and a sense of normalcy. No child should have to go to class feeling embarrassed to ask to borrow a pencil or school supplies. Many families in Bucks County struggle and simply cannot afford the growing annual expense of school supplies for their children.


What makes us different than other backpack drives? We provide a unique experience. We strive to create as much back-to-school shopping experience as possible. Often children in these situations don't have the privilege or opportunity to go to the store, make their own choices, or pick out their favorite color or style of supplies. We want to give the kids a special experience, so they can start the year with confidence, be prepared and encouraged. All our donations are organized and divided into clear bins or boxes and set up for our clients to "shop" from, whether it’s in person, by email or through text. Experience and attention to personal details are the same. We strive to give each child hope and excitement, so they can start the school year feeling confident and prepared. At PB2S, we understand that the kids just want to fit in and blend with the rest of the students. Our backpacks and school supplies are NEW and are the current brand names.  


Our “Project Back 2 School Supply Drive” is a critical part of preparing our students for a successful year. Many families in our community are challenged by meeting this need for their children. Together, we can meet their needs and remove any barriers to reaching each student’s full academic potential.


Project Back 2 School relies on donations, sponsorships, and local volunteers to make each year a success. We are committed to making a difference. The gift of a new backpack, new school supplies, and new school necessities can make all the difference. Every student should start the upcoming school year positively, regardless of their circumstances. For more information, click here

We have been proudly servicing the Pennridge and Central Bucks School Districts since 2014.

*For the children living at the shelters we service, they are there without their parents or family (some even separated from siblings). Unfortunately, they come from very difficult circumstances, backgrounds and situations. Often, they are waiting to be placed in foster care, waiting to be adopted, or in some cases the shelter becomes their permanent residence. They do not have the privilege to go back to school shopping with their families. 

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